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Amisny’s mission is to educate, stimulate, and nurture the growth of African Music, Arts & Culture in New York through, community programs, performance opportunities, and strategic partnerships. Amisny will provide a professional learning environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals.

Amisny was created to provide a place where individuals of all ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to learn, appreciate and create African Music, Arts & Culture. Amisny enriches the New York community by educating & presenting upbeat high quality and accessible music in both traditional and non-traditional settings.


There is no organization that provides the quality African arts education, entertainment and emphasis that Amisny will provide to New Yorkers and visitors. With our singular focus on Africa, we will offer constantly evolving programming, with an emphasis on modern African music.

Amisny seeks to have a positive impact in our communities through music. We harness the power of music in education, mental health and community building to bring people together in a creative and positively challenging environment.

Programs at Amisny are a varied collection of types of events and activities that serve a wide spectrum of local New Yorkers and visitors that share an interest in African and international arts in general. We also offer several workshops and demonstrations that will continue Amisny’s mission and allow a wider audience to participate in the Amisny’s activities.

Our workshops are designed to allow attendees to explore African music through first hand interaction with African artists, instruments, and literature. Technology plays an important role in the creation and distribution of modern music; Amisny has the latest music technology at the disposal of our members and visitors. Workshops are organized by programs coordinators and will be staffed by artist teachers.


We seek partnerships with educational institutions, venues, instrument makers and anyone who seeks to harness the benefits of music. If interested, please contact us at partners@amisny.org.

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