New York African Music Festival

New York has always embraced all ethnic groups who continue to live in its vibrant neighborhoods and share their unique cultures with visitors. The understanding of culture and its sphere of influence over all aspects of life leads to the understanding and cooperation with people who are a product of that particular culture.

The project will create a musical and cultural map of Africa in the consciousness and minds of New Yorkers and out of state visitors. African art and culture provide a unique perspective into World Art and its impact on society. The festival will provide first class hospitality and customer service, and celebrate and promote artistic expression and development in art, especially music.


Music has always played an important role in African culture; it plays a functional role in society and is vital in representing the strong African heritage. International students will be delighted to experience African performance arts showcased alongside culinary, painting and fashion. The NYAMIF will provide innovative and creative opportunities for artists to showcase their work in the most culturally rich city in the world! The city of New York is an important center for music, visuals arts, dance and theater and a major center of the global art market. It is therefore essential that the African cultures have a noticeable presence and be adequately represented in New York’s vibrant art scene.


The venue will be will be completely redesigned and split into the following six sections: Live Music, The Villages, The Runway, The Art Gallery, The Food Court, and The Kids Playground. We will ensure that our partners and sponsors receive excellent exposure for their banners, logos, signs & stands. The area surrounding the venue will also be used to place signs, banners, posters and messages.

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